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The Accounting Adventurista Blog is my mini-journal about what happens on the main website. It:

- lets you know about any new web pages appear on the website, telling you about accounting topics covered

- keeps you up-to-date on any latest news in the accounting world!

Enjoy exploring!

Accounting Scandals

Accounting Scandals

Continue reading "Accounting Scandals"

Accounting Fundamentals

Accounting fundamentals, or "This is where we start in accounting"

Continue reading "Accounting Fundamentals"

Management Accounting

Introduction to management accounting

Continue reading "Management Accounting"

Adjusting Entries

Closing the accounts – adjusting entries

Continue reading "Adjusting Entries"


The story of the Enron scandal, Accounting Adventurista-style

Continue reading "Enron"

Accounting qualifications

accounting qualifications

Continue reading "Accounting qualifications"

Accounting Cycle

The Accounting Cycle - A Summary

Continue reading "Accounting Cycle"

Make or buy decisions

Make or buy decisions

Continue reading "Make or buy decisions"

Novelist Patricia Cornwell blames her accountant...for losing a big chunk of her fortune

Cornwell's accountant admitted that he "fudged" her books, but said it was done for the benefit of his client.

Continue reading "Novelist Patricia Cornwell blames her accountant...for losing a big chunk of her fortune"

Accounting fraud in China

Accounting fraud in China isn't complex in its nature, it seems!

Continue reading "Accounting fraud in China"

The meaning of assets

The meaning of assets - with lots of illustrative examples!

Continue reading "The meaning of assets"

cost behaviour

cost behaviour

Continue reading "cost behaviour"

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Continue reading "Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis"

Target Costing

target costing

Continue reading "Target Costing"

Cost-plus Pricing

Cost-plus Pricing

Continue reading "Cost-plus Pricing "

Pricing Decisions

Pricing decisions: how to set a price for your product or service

Continue reading "Pricing Decisions"

Kaizen Costing

Kaizen Costing

Continue reading "Kaizen Costing"

Relevant Information

Relevant Information for short-term decision making

Continue reading "Relevant Information"

Closing Entries

Closing Entries - Some housekeeping stuff to do!

Continue reading "Closing Entries"

Posting Journal Entries

Posting journal entries in accounting

Continue reading "Posting Journal Entries"

Bank reconciliation statement

Bank Reconciliation Statement, or “Something that traces the differences between what is in the bank and what is on the cash book”

Continue reading "Bank reconciliation statement"


What are liabilities? A review.

Continue reading "Liabilities"

The double entry method

The double entry method

Continue reading "The double entry method"


What are receivables?

Continue reading "Receivables"


All about clubs - the accounting part!

Continue reading "Clubs"

Drafting Financial Statements

Drafting Financial Statements - after we close our accounts for the year

Continue reading "Drafting Financial Statements"

Property plant equipment

Property plant equipment

Continue reading "Property plant equipment"

The Accounting Equation

The Accounting Equation, or "What you MUST understand before going to double entries"

Continue reading "The Accounting Equation"

Cash Flow Statement

Cash flow statement or “Something that shows cash movements throughout the year”

Continue reading "Cash Flow Statement"

Discontinuation Decisions

Making discontinuation decisions in management accounting

Continue reading "Discontinuation Decisions"

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